About us

Welcome to grace and rose aromas, we are a small business that started in July 2022 just myself and my partner and my children helping from time to time. We sell all things home fragrance, bath and cleaning, and have had great reviews from some of our customers over on our facebook page.

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  • Hoover discs

    These amazing little scented discs go in to your hoover filter, the scent fills your home as you hoover and lasts for ages.

  • Soap sponges

    These soap sponges are Pre filled with soap and last around 2 weeks with daily use. One side is exfoliating and the other side is a smoother clean. These smell amazing and true to smell.

  • Sizzlers/ aroma rocks

    These are a fantastic mess free alternative to wax. Use as normal on your wax burners and fill your home with the fragrance, once finished just tip away and refill with another of your favourites.